East Hokkaido Bus Tour≪South Route, Winter≫ Utoro, Kawayu Onsen→Obihiro, Tokachigawa



  1. Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel


  2. Shireto Prince Hotel Kazanamiki


  3. Michi no Eki


  4. Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi


  5. Kinkiyu


  6. Kawayu Kanko Hotel


  7. In front of Mashu Station


  8. Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga


  9. Hotel Gozensui


  10. New Akan Hotel


  11. Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINANOZA


  12. Akanko (Hanayuuka)


  13. Hotel Akankoso


  1. Kinkiyu


  2. Kawayu Kanko Hotel


  3. In front of Mashu Station


  4. Hotel Gozensui


  5. Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga


  6. New Akan Hotel


  7. Akan Tsuruga Bessou HINANOZA


  8. Akanko (Hanayuuka)


  9. Hotel Akankoso


  10. Hotel Daiheigen


  11. Sasai Hotel


  12. Kangetsuen


  13. Tokachigawa Onsen Daiichi Hotel


  14. Obihiro


  • Rows of 4 seatsSeat
  • WiFi
  • 小児割引
Boarding date

The night bus departing during midnight will be counted as arriving on next morning.
ex. The bus departing on Dec 31st 24:30(=Jan 1st 0:30) will arrive on Jan 1st in the morning.

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Select Dropping Point

Number of Passenger



0 yen

Child(max age 12)


0 yen

Cancellation Policy

10 to 8 days before 20%
7 to 2 days before 30%
1 day before 40%
From the day onwards 100%

Total Amount


0 yen

Important Notice


The following rules apply to all luggage stored in our trunks:
1. One bag allowed per passenger
2. The sum of the height, width, and depth should not exceed 160 cm.

If your luggage exceeds the aforementioned restrictions, we ask that you use another method to transport the excess.

Please be warned that the following items cannot be stored in the trunk or onboard.
-Musical instruments
-Fragile items, or items that will break due to shaking or high temperature
-Valuable items, such as large quantities of cash, metals, jewelry, stock certificates, or antiques
-Sports equipment, such as surfboards, golfbags, and archery bows
-Hazardous materials

In the event that checked baggage is scratched, damaged, or lost, the company is not liable, so please understand this ahead of time.


■We cannot provide a refund under the following circumstances:

1. No Shows due to Delay
Even if not all customers are present, the bus will depart at the scheduled time. To ensure the ride goes smoothly, requests to delay the departure will not be accepted. We ask that you confirm the departure place or meeting place beforehand, and arrive strictly before the departure time.

2. Change of Bus
There is a possibility that the bus type, seat type, number of seats, and bus equipment may change. If an inspection is needed due to the vehicle's state of operation or problems with the mechanics, a different bus will be used.

3. Delays and Suspension of Services
Based on the vehicle's state of operation, roads, and weather conditions, there is a possibility that services may be forced to end partway.
For the same reasons, there is a possibility that our arrival time at each bus stop may be delayed. In particular, road congestion could create a large delay in the arrival time.
We appreciate your understanding.

4. Warnings on Operation
-Riding while intoxicated, as well as drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking on the bus itself, are forbidden.
-Under the Road Traffic Law, while operating or riding a vehicle on the highway, both the driver and all passengers are required to wear seatbelts. Thank you for your cooperation.

■If you are lodging in a hotel in the Doto or Dohoku area, we ask that, when boarding, you present the crew with some sort of proof that you (yourself) have stayed or are planning to stay at the hotel, such as a hotel coupon, a reservation confirmation email via smartphone screen or hard copy, or a payment receipt for the hotel's services.

■Only guests in the Doto or Dohoku area will be able to stop at Mt. Asahi Zoo.

■We ask that you gather at the bus stop 10 minutes before arrival. In the event that you miss the bus, we ask that you head to the destination location yourself. All consequent related expenses will be borne by the customer.

■Children (2 years or younger) who do not need their own seat may ride for free, but we will charge Child fare for those who need their own seat.

■We generally have open seating; however, when the bus is full, we may assign seats. In addition, during those times you may be asked to sit next to a stranger.

■If you have time, please fill out our survey.

■While the bus will always endeavor to operate on schedule, we may face changes in route or delays due to road or weather conditions. For the same reason, the time given to get off the bus and sightsee may be shortened or eliminated. We ask for your understanding ahead of time. Even under these circumstances, we cannot give a refund.

■If a cancellation is submitted on the same day as the trip, we cannot refund the trip payment or the bus fare.

■If, during our trips, one of our destinations is either closed or otherwise unavailable to see, we will guide you to another fun sightseeing location.

■The customer is responsible for paying for their lunchtime meal as well as the admission fee for any tourist attractions they choose to visit.
While your tour conductor, the "bus guide," will not be riding with you, you will be joined by a "Smile Attendant"* on all routes.
*Smile Attendant: Supports all customers within the bus, and uses a tablet equipped with a translation function in order to support foreign customers. Will also provide basic tourist information. We do not offer guides in foreign languages. We ask for your understanding ahead of time.

  • 画像イメージ

    This is an image.
    The bus used will be from 1 of 4 bus companies.

  • This is an image.
    The bus used will be from 1 of 4 bus companies.

  • Lake Mashu in the summer.
    A Caldera lake with a circumference of 300-400m located in Hokkaido Kawakami District Teshikaga-cho. Ranked 1st in Japan and 2nd in the world for its clear waters. It’s special blue color has been dubbed “Mashu Blue” and you can fully enjoy the view of Mashuko from the Viewing platform.