<<East Hokkaido Bus Tour>> *Winter North Route* | Sounkyo -> Asahiyama Zoo -> Asahikawa - Furano Marche - Sapporo



  1. Choyo Resort Hotel


  2. Sounkyo Kanko Hotel


  3. Hotel Taisetsu


  4. Sounkyo Choyotei


  5. Sounkaku Grand Hotel


  6. Asahiyama Zoo


  1. Asahiyama Zoo


  2. Asahigawa Airport


  3. Furano Marche


  4. Ana Hotel Sapporo


  5. Sappporo Grand Flag


  6. Sapporo View Hotel Oodori Koen


  7. Excel Tokyu


  8. Tokyu REI Hotel Sapporo


  9. JR Tower Hotel


  • Rows of 4 seatsSeat
  • WiFi
  • 小児割引
Boarding date

The night bus departing during midnight will be counted as arriving on next morning.
ex. The bus departing on Dec 31st 24:30(=Jan 1st 0:30) will arrive on Jan 1st in the morning.

Select Boarding Point

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Select Dropping Point

Number of Passenger



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0 yen

Cancellation Policy

10 to 8 days before 20%
7 to 2 days before 30%
1 day before 40%
From the day onwards 100%

Total Amount


0 yen

Important Notice


The rules regarding stored luggage are as stated below.
1) Only one piece of check-in luggage per passenger.
2) The sum of your luggage's height, width and depth must not exceed 160 cm.
3) Luggage weight must not exceed 10 Kg.

If your luggage does not fit within the parameters above we ask that you use a different means to transport your luggage.

[Regarding your luggage]
Only 1 item per person. Valuable or fragile items are not allowed. In crowded conditions, you may be barred from bringing large luggage on board, and the number of pieces of luggage you bring may be subject to restrictions.

Please note that the Items listed below are not allowed on the bus.
* Musical instruments.
* Easily breakable items, items affected by high temperatures.
* Large amounts of cash, jewelry, stock certificates and antiques.
* Surf boards, golf clubs, archery and other sports equipment.
* Dangerous goods.
* Animals.

Our company does not take any responsibility for damages or loss of luggage during transport. We ask for your understanding.


*When using the bus, you must be staying at or planning to stay at accommodations in the Doto or Dohoku regions. We ask that when the bus comes to pick you up, you (the person making the reservation) show the bus staff proof of your stay, such as a hotel coupon, a reservation confirmation email shown on your smartphone (or a hard copy), or the receipt from your accommodations.
*Offboarding the bus at Asahiyama Zoo is only possible for those staying at a hotel in the Doto or Dohoku regions.
*Please be at the boarding location at least 10 minutes before departure time. In the event that you miss the bus, please make your way to your intended destination by your own means. Please understand that the cost of doing so falls solely on the customer.
*Children 2 years old or younger who do not require a seat can ride for free, but there will be a child fare for those children who do require seats.
*Seating is generally open, but please note that when fully booked, we may take the liberty of assigning seating. Please be aware that you may be seated next to someone you do not know. (You may be riding together with someone from another country.)
*We appreciate your cooperation in filling out the survey.
*The bus will endeavor to arrive on time to each location, but due to traffic or weather conditions, the route may have delays or be changed; as a result, sightseeing times may be shortened or omitted altogether. We ask for your understanding. We will not provide refunds in the following cases.
*You will not receive a refund of traveling fees or fare when you cancel on the trip date.
*If we cannot see a certain sightseeing locale because it is closed for the day, we will guide you to an alternate sightseeing location.
*The customer is responsible for paying for unplanned meals and entrance fees for any sightseeing locations.
*You will not be accompanied by a tour or bus guide, but all routes will have a Smile Attendant to accompany you.
**[Smile Attendant]: Supports onboard passengers. Has a tablet with translation program prepared to help support foreign passengers. They will also provide simple sightseeing information. There will not be instruction offered in foreign languages. We ask for your understanding.

No refunds are available in the following cases:
1) No show due to delays
Buses will depart at their scheduled times even if not all passengers have shown up yet. Furthermore, we are unable to fulfill requests for late departures, because doing so would affect the fulfillment of other scheduled obligations. Please check your meeting or boarding point in advance, and arrive well on time.

2) Difference in price
Fares may be subject to an increase or decrease in price without any advance notice. Under no circumstances can refunds be obtained for any price difference with the price for which a purchase was made.

3) Change of bus
The actual bus type, seating configuration, number of seat rows, and bus facilities may differ from those scheduled. An example of when this may occur is when a bus goes out of service due to mechanical trouble.

Important notes regarding your reservation:
Night buses departing after midnight are listed as arriving on the morning of the following day. For example, a bus departing on Dec 31 at 24:30 (= Jan 1 at 0:30) will arrive on the morning of Jan 1.

Important notes regarding your presence aboard the bus:
* Refrain from smoking or drinking in the bus, as well as boarding the bus while drunk. Passengers who trouble or bother other passengers will not be allowed on the bus.
* The bus driver and all passengers are legally obligated to fasten their seat belts.
 We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe ride.

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    The bus used will be from 1 of 4 bus companies.

  • Asahiyama Zoo
    A unique zoo famous for being able to see animals in an environment close to their natural habitat. See penguins, seals and polar bears enjoying themselves their custom made environments.

  • Waterfall of Ginga ・Waterfall of Meteor
    This is a unique spot where you can see both waterfalls put in the"Top 100 best waterfalls in Japan."