[Milky Way 103] Omiya - Saitama - Tokyo - Namba - Tennoji



  1. Omiya


  2. Saitama-Shintoshin Bus Terminal


  3. Tokyo


  1. Namba


  2. Tennoji


  • Rows of 3 individual seatsSeat
  • コンセントorUSBあり
  • Wi-Fi
  • 乗務員2Passenger(s)
Boarding date

The night bus departing during midnight will be counted as arriving on next morning.
ex. The bus departing on Dec 31st 24:30(=Jan 1st 0:30) will arrive on Jan 1st in the morning.
*The deadline of booking is the day onwards or 1 day before.

Select Boarding Point

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Select Dropping Point

Number of Passenger

Adult / Child (under 13)


0 yen

Cancellation Policy(per person)

10 to 8 days before 20%
7 to 2 days before 30%
1 day before 40%
From the day onwards 100%

Total Amount


0 yen

Luggage restriction

Luggage restriction

Carry-on luggage

In terms of carry on luggage there is not a specific size limit, but the passenger must be able to carry it on their lap or by their feet without causing an inconvenience to other passengers.

Suitcases are not allowed onboard the bus as they may prevent passengers from reclining their seats. We also ask that customers refrain from putting luggage in the aisles.

Stored luggage in a trunk


The following restrictions for trunk luggage apply:
1 One piece of luggage per person.
2. The total of height, width, and depth should not exceed 120cm.

If your package exceeds the above limits, please use another shipping method.
To prevent your luggage from being mistaken as someone else's, please mark it with an identifier; we recommend using name tags.

The following items are neither allowed as check-in luggage nor as carry-on luggage.
・Musical instruments
・Fragile items that are easily damaged by shaking or affected by high temperatures
・Valuables such as cash, precious metals, jewelry, stock certificates, antiques, etc.
・Sports equipment such as surfboards, golf bags, archery bows, etc.
・Bicycles (including folding ones)
・Dangerous goods
・Precision equipment
・Swords and guns
・Cardboard, etc.
・Animals and pets

Please note that we will not be responsible for any loss, damage or breakage of your baggage.


■Points to note regarding refunds
Refunds are not available in any of the following cases.Please note that there is a possibility that men and women will be seated next to each other. Please be forewarned. Thank you for your understanding.

1.No-shows due to tardiness
Buses are public transportation and will leave on time even if you do not show up. In such cases, no contact will be made to passengers not present. Again, even if the trains and other modes of transport are late, we do not accept any requests to late departures. We ask for your cooperation for a smooth journey.
Please confirm your boarding location on the map in advance, and arrive at least 15 minutes before the meeting time or departure time. If you are unsure about the boarding location, please contact us in advance during our business hours. In addition, there will be no staff on-site to escort you, so please confirm the location by yourself.

2.Increase or decrease in fees
Prices are subject to change without notice. The fare price at the time of your booking applies, so even if a fare amount changes after a booking is made, no refunds in the price difference are given.

3.Bus Changes
Due to mechanical problems or adjustments to the schedule, there is a possibility that the vehicle, seat type, facilities, etc. of the bus you have reserved may be changed.

4.Arrival time delays
Arrival time may be delayed due to road traffic and weather conditions on the day of the event. Regardless of the arrival time, if the passenger is successfully transported from the boarding location to the alighting location, no refunds are available. If you have a transfer after disembarking the bus, we ask you to allow plenty of leeway before your next journey.

■Points to note when making reservations
・Night buses departing at midnight will arrive in the morning of the next day. For example, a bus departing on Dec. 31 at 24:30 (Jan 1 at 12:30 AM) will be indicated as arriving on the morning of Jan. 1.

Important notes regarding your bus ride
*Refrain from smoking or drinking in the bus, as well as boarding the bus while drunk.
* The bus driver and all passengers are legally obligated to fasten their seat belts.
* We ask that when reclining your seat that you notify the passenger seated behind you.
* The bathroom break schedule will be decided on the day of departure by the bus operating company. Please confirm your boarding time. While times differ with each bus, bathroom breaks are generally once every 2-3 hours. However, buses with on board toilets may not stop for bathroom breaks.

■Points to note about this bus plan
・The bus operator has taken out voluntary insurance (unlimited bodily injury coverage).
・Inside the car, use the outside air intake mode of the air conditioner to ensure thorough ventilation of the car interior. The air inside the car will be changed in about 5 minutes.
・Blankets were provided in each seat, but we will no longer provide blankets and cushions.

  • ミルキーウェイ


  • Bus interior image.

    Footrest and leg rest available. Free eye-masks for those who want them!

  • A wide range of on-board amenities.

    On-board amenities may vary without warning due to unexpected changes of buses.