[PDF ticket available] Dreamint Okhotsk liner <Bus 6 Car 1> Sapporo -> Kitami-Abashiri


  1. Sapporo


  2. Sapporo


  1. Nishi 7Gosen


  2. Kitami


  3. Bihoro


  4. Memanbetsu Nishi-dori


  5. Abashiri


  • 3列シート
  • トイレ付き
  • 女性安心
  • ブランケット付き
  • 小児割引
Boarding date

The night bus departing during midnight will be counted as arriving on next morning.
ex. The bus departing on Dec 31st 24:30(=Jan 1st 0:30) will arrive on Jan 1st in the morning.
*The deadline of booking is the day onwards or 1 day before.

Select Boarding Point

  • MAP

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Select Dropping Point

Number of Passenger



0 yen

Child (Under 13)


0 yen

Cancellation Policy

From booking to 1 day before ¥100
From the day onwards 100%

Total Amount


0 yen

Luggage restriction

Luggage restriction

Carry-on luggage

In terms of carry on luggage there is not a specific size limit, but the passenger must be able to carry it on their lap or by their feet without causing an inconvenience to other passsengers.

Suitcases are not allowed onboard the bus as they may prevent passengers from reclining their seats. We also ask that customers refrain from putting luggage in the aisles.

Stored luggage in a trunk


The following restrictions for trunk luggage apply:
1. One piece of luggage per passenger.
2) The sum of your luggage's height, width, and depth (100+30+30cm) must be within 160cm.
* Furthermore, the longest side must not exceed 1 meter, and the other 2 sides must not exceed 30 cm each.
3. Luggage weight must not exceed 10 Kg.
If your luggage exceeds the restrictions mentioned above, please send them to your destination through other means of delivery.

[Regarding hand held luggage inside the vehicle]
Only 1 item per person. Valuable or fragile items are not allowed. In crowded conditions, you may be barred from bringing large luggage on board and the number of pieces of luggage you bring may be subject to restrictions.

[Items Allowed Onboard]
*Skis and snowboards MUST BE stored in bags and be less than 2m long.
*Exercise or recreation equipment that are less than 2m long.
*Collapsible bicycles MUST BE stored in cases.
*Guide dogs designated as official helper dogs.

[Forbidden Carry-on Items]
* Musical instruments.
* Easily breakable items, as well as items susceptible to damage when exposed to vibration or high temperatures.
* Valuables such as cash, precious metals, jewelry, stock certificates, and antiques.
* Dangerous goods.
* Animals.
* Bicycles not in the required cases.

Please understand that our company will bear no responsibility for any loss resulting from damage or theft of luggage during transport.


[Regarding seating]
The last row consists of 4 seats. When seat availability is limited you may be seated in a row consisting of 4 seats (same price).

*On the day of departure please show your "PDF ticket" to the crew member in charge of your bus and complete boarding procedures. As a rule there are no crew members present at the bus stops.
If you are unable to show your ticket, you will be required to purchase a new one for the full price.
*Seats are allocated automatically by the booking system. Please note that booking passengers as a group does not guarantee that everyone will be seated next to each other.
(Because the seat allocation is automatic, we are unable to accommodate any requests.)

*No refunds are available in the following cases:
1) No-show due to delays.
Buses will depart at their scheduled times even if not all passengers have shown up yet. To stay on schedule, we cannot accommodate any requests that might cause late departures. Please check your meeting or boarding location in advance and arrive well on time.

2) Price fluctuations.
Fares may increase or decrease without advance notice. Under no circumstances can refunds be obtained for any price other than that at which the purchase was made.

3) Change of buses.
Specifics such as bus type, seating configuration, and capacity may differ from the details listed for your booking. This may occur due to conditions in service or when there is a required maintenance due to mechanical troubles.

4) Regarding delayed or suspended service.
Bus service may be suspended due to road, traffic or weather conditions.
Arrival times at our respective stops are subject to delays for the same reason. Congested traffic in particular may cause long delays.
We kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

* Important notes regarding your booking:
Overnight buses departing at midnight are listed as arriving on the morning of the following day. For example, a bus departing on Dec. 31 at 24:30 (Jan 1 at 12:30 AM) will arrive on the morning of Jan. 1.

- Important notes regarding your bus ride:
*Refrain from smoking or drinking in the bus, as well as boarding the bus while drunk.
*The bus driver and all passengers are legally obligated to fasten their seat belts.
We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe ride.

  • Hokkaido Chuo Bus

    *Similar facilities exist on each route, but there may be differences depending on the vehicle used. *When extra buses are operated seat configuration and facilities may differ. *When a bus of an affiliate company is operated, the bus model and its facilities may differ.

  • 3 standalone seats per row.

    Blanket, slippers, and wet towel provided on board. The last row consists of 4 seats. (same price)

  • No need to worry about toilet breaks: there is a toilet present on board!