Location of Meeting Place

Boarding points Boarding Time
Iijima 11:51
*The bus will make one rest stop along the way.

* On the day of departure, please show the driver your "Mobile Booking Ticket" and finish boarding procedures. Please be advised that there will not be a bus attendant available at the Bus Stop.
If you do not have your "Mobile Booking Ticket" with you, we will have to ask you to pay the full bus fare.
* Seats are automatically allocated once a booking has been confirmed When booking seats for more than one passenger, there may be instances when seats can not be allocated next to each other. We appreciate your understanding.
As seats are allocated automatically, we are not able to offer preferential seating.

- No refunds will be offered in the following cases:
1) No Show due to tardiness
Buses will depart at their scheduled times even if not all passengers are present. Furthermore, we are unable to delay departures upon request as doing so would disrupt all scheduled operations. Please check your meeting or boarding point in advance, and arrive well on time.

2) Change in price
Fares may be subject to an increase or decrease without notice in advance. We cannot offer partial refunds accounting for price fluctuations after a purchase has been made.

3) Change of bus
The actual bus type, seating configuration, number of seats, and bus facilities are subject to change. An example of when this may occur is when a bus requires maintenance due to mechanical issues.

4) Delay and Suspension of service
Bus service may be suspended due to road, traffic or weather conditions.
Arrival time at any bus stop may be delayed for the same reasons. Operation amid congested traffic in particular may cause heavy delays.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Important notes regarding your reservation:
Night buses departing after midnight are listed as arriving on the morning of the following day. For example, a bus departing on Dec 31 at 24:30 (= Jan 1 at 0:30) will arrive on the morning of Jan 1.

Important notes regarding your presence aboard the bus:
* Refrain from smoking or drinking on the bus, as well as boarding the bus while intoxicated. Passengers who trouble or bother other passengers will not be allowed on the bus.

* The bus driver and all passengers are legally obliged to fasten their seat belts.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Luggage restriction