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For pleasant, affordable highway bus journeys -- Kosokubus.com!
You can make reservations via the internet 24 hours per day; English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Korean are supported.

Also, you can look up and set finely-detailed conditions when making reservations! At Kosokubus.com, we advertise highway buses from all over the Japan!

You can easily check the buses you want to ride from our look-up form. n addition to, of course, your boarding date and location, you can also look up and set fine details such as bus type and whether or not there is a toilet, female-exclusive trips, rider privileges, and more.
Furthermore, we have introduced a seat assignment system which allows you to choose specific seats, making designations such as "window seats are okay!" and "I would like to sit in a rear seat."
※Only applicable for some trips.
Have a pleasant bus trip with Kosokubus.com.
Be sure to find the exact trip you're hoping for.