About cancellation / change booking

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Regarding the cancellation of your reservation, please make sure to read below. Notes on the cancellation or change of your highway bus reservation.

About cancellation

Cancellation of night trips is available until 23:59 PM the day before departure; cancellation of day trips is available until 17:00 PM on the day before departure. Cancellation can be done from your My Page.
Cancellation cannot be made after the deadline. (Non-refundable)

※Night trips are those on which passengers will spend the night on the bus and arive the morning after boarding. 
※Day trips are those on which passengers will board and disembark from the bus on the same day, arriving during the daytime.

※Please be careful. ※
Cancellation by email is not accepted.
After the cancellation, booking cannot be restored.

About cancellation fee

Cancellation fee may be charged depending on your reservation status.
Cancellation fee varies depending on the bus company.
You can check the cancellation fee on the bus details page for each bus or the confirmation e-mail for your reservation.
Please always check these before canceling or changing your reservation.

Regarding the increase or decrease of the number of passengers, or changes in the boarding location or drop-off location

It differs depending on the route you have booked, but using the web page for each bus, it is possible to change the number of passengers or the location for boarding and drop-off until 17:00, two days before the date of travel.
You cannot add more people on your original booking.
If the same bus has availability, please make a new booking for additional people. (Seat would be separated)

It is not possible to have different boarding (drop-off) locations within one group.
Please select the same boarding/arrival place, or make a separate booking. (The seat would be separated for separate booking.)

Please note that we cannot accept requests by email, even regarding change.

We cannot do the following change
(It is the same even if it is the same bus, same company, same fee.)

1. Change of boarding date
2. Change of buses
3. Change of seat type
4. Change of passengers gender

For changes as seen above, we cannot accept modification on the web page nor by email.
We are sorry for the trouble, we ask you to cancel the reservation and rebook it.

In that case, the prescribed cancellation fee may apply. We ask for your understanding.

About refund

If there is a difference after the cancellation fee has been deducted from the payment that has already been made, the process for your refund will be as follows.
We will refund through credit card company.
Depending on the cut-off date of your credit card company, refund may be processed on the next month.
After the cancellation, there is no particular need to contact our company regarding the refund.