Get to all the eastern Hokkaido sightseeing spots with these convenient seasonal express buses!


This winter bus season has ended. (March 2018)

Higashi-Hokkaido Tour Bus

The Higashi-Hokkaido Tour Bus is a sightseeing bus that departs from Sapporo, stopping at various popular sightseeing destinations throughout Hokkaido such as Sounkyo, Abashiri, Shiretoko, Akan & Lake Mashu, Obihiro & Tokachi Onsen.

If you want to efficiently experience the best eastern Hokkaido has to offer without driving long distances yourself, look no further! These express busses have it all covered! Busses are equipped with WiFi! Taking reservations for individuals and groups alike!


Major sightseeing spots visited by Hisashi-Hokkaido Tour Bus


  • Asahiyama zoo
  • Sounkyo
  • Abashiri Drift Ice
  • Abashiri Prison
  • Shiretoko Utoro
  • Kawayu Onsen
  • Lake Mashu
  • Lake Akan
  • Akan International Crane Center
  • Tokachigawa Onsen

ペンギンWinterbus details & reservations:

North Liner
South Liner
*When using the bus, you must be staying at or planning to stay at accommodations in the Doto or Dohoku regions. We ask that when the bus comes to pick you up, you (the person making the reservation) show the bus staff proof of your stay, such as a hotel coupon, a reservation confirmation email shown on your smartphone (or a hard copy), or the receipt from your accommodations.

Higashi-Hokkaido Express Bus

The Higashi-Hokkaido Express Bus is a winter-only bus connecting 13 sightseeing destinations in eastern Hokkaido.

Driving in snow-covered Hokkaido can be a daunting prospect, but if you take this express bus you can get to the best locations without any worry at all.

White bearMajor sightseeing spots visited by the Higashi-Hokkaido Express Bus

  • Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku Festival
  • Monbetsu Drift Ice (Garinko II)
  • Abashiri Drift Ice (Aurora-go)
  • Oshinkoshin Waterfall
  • Shiretoko Utoro
  • Kawayu Onsen / Mt. Io
  • Lake Mashu
  • Lake Akan
  • Tsurui Ito Red-crowned Crane Sanctuary
  • Lake Saroma
  • Akan International Crane Center
  • Notsuke Peninsula Ice Line
  • Rausu Drift Ice (Drift Ice Bird Watching Cruise)

Higashi-Hokkaido Express Busdetails &servations:

*This bus serves passengers staying at the following accommodation establishments.
Please enter the name of your hotel/accommodations when you make your bus reservation.
[Express Bus Partner Establishments]
*Sounkyo (Hotel Taisetsu, Sounkaku Grand Hotel, Sounkyo Kankou Hotel)
*Mombetsu (Mombetsu Central Hotel, Hotel Okhotsk Palace, Mombetsu Prince Hotel)
*Abashiri (Hokuten no Oka Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort, Abashiri Kankou Hotel, Hotel Abashirikoso)
*Lake Saroma (Lake Saroma Tsuruga Resort)
*Shiretoko Utoro (Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel, Shiretoko Prince Hotel Kazanamiki, Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi)
*Shiretoko (People's Hotel Rausu-no-yado Marumi, Rausu Hot Springs Hotel Minenoyu, Pension Rausukuru, Pension Nomura, Kikuya Ryokan, Pension Honnma, Business Hotel Isaribi, Pension Taka-no-yado, Pension Kannari, Takashima-ya Ryokan, Sakaeya Hotel)
*Masyuko Teshikaga (Kawayu Kanko Hotel, Kinkiyu Hotel, Yunokaku-Ikedaya, Kawayudaiichi Hotel Suikazura, Meito-no-mori Hotel Kitafukuro, Hotel Masyu)
*Lake Akan (Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings, Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga, Forest of Akan Tsuruga Resort Hanayuuka, Akan Tsuruga Bessou Hinanoza, New Akan Hotel, Hotel Akankoso, Hotel Gozensui)