How to ride

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Confirmation mail

After making a reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please save that email in your smart phones or print it out to pass it to the conductor on the day of your journey. In addition, you will find an URL in the email that will lead you to a page indicating the assembly place, time, bus name, and a map, so please check the information beforehand.

At a boarding

Since we do not issue bus ticket, 【confirmation mail】will be required as a payment certificate. Please present it to bus crews at a boarding.
Basically, the bus crews can only speak in Japanese. We appreciate if you take this into your consideration.
Also, buses depart at the scheduled time. TIn order to ensure smooth operation, we cannot take requests for late departures.

Seat allocation

【1】 Bus code starting with 「X」 or 「Z」

Your seat will be automatically decided in system.
Please check your seat on your confirmation mail or seating chart at a boarding.

【2】Bus code starting with 「A~W」 or 「Y」

Your seat will be decided by bus company after the reservation has been closed.
Please check your seat number at a boarding.

About a boarding point

You would check a boarding point (or meeting point) on the map in advance. Please refer to the URL on your confirmation email or booking details on My Page.
We kindly ask you to double check the boarding point in advance, since we only accept Japanese language by phone call. Make sure that you have plenty of time to arrive on time.

About the meeting or boarding time, refer to the following.
・If the meeting time has been set, please arrive at meeting time. Even if you come before the boarding time, you may miss the bus since you will have to check in at meeting time.
・If the meeting time had not been set, please arrive at least 10 min before the departure time.

About departure /arrival time

Buses are scheduled to depart and arrive punctually. However, departure/arrival times at each stop may be delayed due to the condition on the day.

Delay may happen due to the below unavoidable circumstances.
・On weekends or during holiday seasons when traffic would easy to get happen.
・Detour or driving on general road due to the traffic condition like roadwork, accident handling, or construction.
・Natural disaster like typhoon, heavy snow, or earthquake

We appreciate if you make a reservation with understanding above possibilities on delay, and have plenty of time between arrival time and next schedule.

Delay compensation

No refund are available for the bus delay.
Even if you ended up paying the transportation fee or accommodation fee due to above delay, we are not able to accept any compensation.

About luggage

The restrictions for on-board luggage and trunk luggage are as follows.

Items not allowed in the trunk: ・Valuables including cash, jewelry, stock certificates, valuable antiques and musical instruments. ・Luggage exceeded the size or weight limitations. Please take other measures to ship them.
Items not allowed on board or in the trunk: ・Hazardous materials including lammable, explosive, radioactive, and corrosive substances ・Animals ・Big suitcases for long term travel ・Musical instruments ・Sporting equipment such as ski goods, snowboards, surfboards, golf bags, and bicycles including foldable types
Since the regulation of luggage size varies on each bus, you would reduce your luggage accourding to the reguration on the booking detail page.
In case that the bus does not have trunk space, please take other measures to ship your luggage. The bus crew sometimes help you to put your luggage inside the trunk, but there is no compensation for the damage, lost, or steal inside the bus or trunk room.
Please avoid keeping the valuable goods in the trunk room or the seat pocket and always stay aware of where your belongings are.

About bus etiquette

A highway bus is a shared space for tens of people over a period of a few hours. Furthermore, many people choose to sleep during the bus. Please observe the following rules to ensure a comfortable journey for all customers.

Please ask the passenger sitting behind you before reclining your seat.
Please do not leave any rubbish inside the bus. Please throw them at dustbins outside of the bus.
Please fasten your seat belts during the entire journey.
Please do not place your belongings on the aisle or on the empty seats. Please place them on your knees or at your feet.
Smoking and drinking alcohol inside the bus is strictly prohibited.
Please refrain from speaking in loud voices so that you don't disturb the other passengers.
Please do not talk on your cellphones.
※Please turn off your cellphones or set them in silent mode.
Foods with pungent smells (fast food, etc.) are prohibited in the bus.
Please refrain from using music players in loud volumes.

At a pit stop, come back to the bus at the determined deperture time for the smooth operations.
In addition, please follow bus crews' instructions during an emergency.