Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Containing towns like Asakusa with surroundings making you feel like you took a trip down memory lane to Tokyo Skytree a monument of the present day.
There are a number of enticing sightseeing spots for you to experience and enjoy. We recommend highway bus for getting from Nagoya to Tokyo!
Buses bound for Tokyo departing from Nagoya take between 6-8 hours. There are not just night buses leaving from Nagoya at night and arriving in Tokyo in the morning, but morning buses that can get you to Tokyo in the early afternoon.
You can choose the bus that fits your schedule. If you book a night bus with a long journey time, you can get a nights sleep ready for your arrival in Tokyo. You can even save on one nights hotel bill!

If the bus code starts with an X or a Z then you can make a booking from one month in advance. For all other buses, bookings can be made between 1 and 4 months before the intended departure date.
We suggest that you visit our website closer to your desired departure date and make a booking then.

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