Highway Bus to Churaumi Aquarium and Kokusai Street from Naha Airport

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Enjoy water sports in the ever popular Okinawa amongst its unspoilt nature and the exotic heat of Japan's southern province

Starting from the Ryukyuu Village recreated to replicate the style of the time of the Ryukyuu kingdom, you can experience Okinawa's history in Shuri castle park. Okinawa boasts the phenomenal blue caves with its blue reflections of light causing illusions that attracts schools of divers and also the large theme park Okinawa world also located to the south of the main island. You can't forget the Churaumi Aquarium, dolphin show, tropical botanical gardens and the native Okinawan village, etc all in the Churaumi Park
Okinawa is history, culture, shopping, pleasure and leisure all rolled into one. Could be seen as the ideal sightseeing spot.

In order to see all the sites that Okinawa has to offer most people choose to use rent a car.
Compared to the Japanese mainland, there are comparatively fewer cars, so you can enjoy driving with a lot less stress. Another argument for renting a car is that you also do not have to worry about keeping a tight schedule as you can travel freely at your own pace.
Regardless of this, driving abroad and on the other side of the road does bring up some problems for those who are not used to it and worried about accidents.

Except for car rental there are other means of getting around Okinawa, namely bus, taxi, monorail (Yui Rail), etc. From our previous conclusion, we would like to recommend the bus.
Most people are not aware of the Okinawan bus system. You probably have not used it before but it is cheap and safe with regular buses running to many tourist attractions.

Example, From Naha city to Churaumi Park, car and bus take approximately 2 hours so there isn't much difference based on traveling time. With car rental there is the likelihood of getting lost in unfamiliar territory and the constant fear of having a traffic accident. If you use the bus, you can relax until you arrive at your destination. You also won't get tired due to driving long distances, so you can be energized to enjoy your vacation. Plus, there is also a cost advantage you will not have to worry about parking fees and petrol/gas fees.

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Naha Airport → Ocean Expo Park Bus Rent a Car Taxi
Cost 1,450~2,000 One way 4-5 seater ¥4,000
1 day
8 seater ¥8,000 -¥10,000
1 day
¥19,000 One way
Travel Time Approx 2 hours 10 minutes Approx 1hr 50 minutes Approx 1hr 50 minutes
Luggage Limit Limit: 1 suitcase and 1 piece of carry-on per passenger Limit: Between 2 -5 suitcase per vehice Limit: Between 2 -3 suitcase per Taxi
Maximum number of passengers Groups are welcome as long as there are seats available. Between 5-8 depending on the vehice size 5 people max.
Reservation needed
Additional Fees none Petrol and Parking none
Benefits Cheap and convenient
Can accommodate groups
Freedom of movement
No stress of a tight schedule
Valuable information from Driver

Schedule for recommended bus tours in Okinawa

9:30 Naha Airport

okinawa bus image

Once you arrive at Naha Airport, please make your way to bus stop.2.
Bus stop.2 is located within the rotary, where the car rental shuttle services stop.

11:40 Kinen Koen (Churaumi Aquarium)

okinawa bus image

Arrive at the last stop Kinen Koen (Churaumi Aquarium)
From here Churaumi Aquarium is only 5 minutes walk.


okinawa bus image

Lunch break There are many restaurants near Churaumi Aquarium.
We recommend a buffet restaurant centred on Okinawan food called Ino.
Enjoy whilst gazing out at the Okinawan sea. Reservations accepted.


okinawa bus image

Welcome to Japan's number 1 sea world!!
With the world's largest water tank (Kuro Shio) you can witness a whale shark and giant rays. Also enjoy the starfish exploration area and experience different aspects of the sea.
If you have time make sure to watch the Okichan dolphin show.
Take a great photo of Oki chan's jump against the backdrop of the Okinawan ocean!


okinawa bus image

Travel around Kinenkoen in a small tour car and visit the emerald beach.
Take a peaceful stroll or even get your toes wet and dive into the sea.
Even a walk in the park would be enjoyable.
Please click here to find out more about Oki-Park

16:00~ Kinen Koen (Churaumi Aquarium)

okinawa bus image

Get transferred to Kinen Koen bus stop to board the Yanbaru express bus.

18:10~22:00 Prefectural Office entrance (Kokusai Street)

okinawa bus image

Let's tell you about Naha at night! After alighting from the bus at the prefectural office you are 5 minutes walk from the international street. Okinawan Izakayas, cafes and souvenir shops galore! We recommend Kokusai Street Stall Market Lively atmosphere with delicious food.
Make sure you visit!

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