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Mount Fuji/ Kawaguchiko

When going to Lake Kawaguchi from Osaka or Kyoto, highway buses are very convenient!
Starting with "Mt. Fuji", Japan's highest and famous mountain, there are many tourism spots in Lake Kawaguchi that are surrounded by Nature like the exotic "Oshino Hakkai" and the popular theme park "Fuji-Q Highland".

Compared to the Shinkansen and airplanes, not only is it cheap (one way trip rates start from around 4,200 yen), but its boarding locations are easy to access and starting from Kyoto you can choose from boarding locations such as Osaka's central areas of Umeda, Namba, Tennoji etc.

One of its merits is also the fact that it does not have any difficult transfers.
For example, in the Shinkansen's case, it has the inconvenience of having you transfer to buses and trains from the Shin Fuji or Mishima stations, and in the airplanes' case you also have to transfer to other transportations from the Narita or Haneda airports.

On the other hand, the highway bus is directly bound to Lake Kawaguchi. We will stop at nearby hot-spots (Fujiyama Station, Fuji-Q Highland etc), so it will be easy when managing your itinerary.

It will take around 11 hrs. until Lake Kawaguchi (the precise time varies by bus), so you will be able to get enough sleep on the move and save up on a night's worth of lodgings.

If the bus code starts with an X or a Z then you can make a booking from one month in advance. For all other buses, bookings can be made between 1 and 4 months before the intended departure date.
We suggest that you visit our website closer to your desired departure date and make a booking then.

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