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Boasting eminent snow quality and vistas even within Japan, "Niigata" and "Nagano" charms many skiers and snowboarders both domestic and overseas. Famous for also being the "land of Japanese skiing's origins", Niigata has 60 ski resorts that have quality powder snows eminent even within Japan. Nagano, internationally famous for holding the 1998 Winter Olympics, is known as the "Japanese Alps", and there are large scale ski resorts scattered throughout that boast their own varied uniqueness.
If you're going to that Skier's Heaven, we strongly urge you to use highway buses, which are safe, comfortable and even cheap in price!

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Also known as the venue that held the Nagano Olympics, Hakuba has 10 diverse and unique ski resorts within its region and many skiers both domestic and overseas visit annually.
9 out of 10 resorts sell usable joint lift tickets,and since it has the best quality powder snow and various courses prepared it is a place that anyone can enjoy, from amateur to serious skiers.
Though there are many modes of travel such as rentacars and Shinkansen to Nagano, Japan's top ski resort, the bus is the cheapest and the safest. Moreover, starting with Narita Airport, you can choose from many boarding areas in accordance to your travel such as Haneda Airport and Shinjuku BusTa for the Kanto Region, and Osaka, Umeda, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto for the Kansai Region.

Shiga Highlands


Located in Nagano, Yamanouchi-cho, the Shiga Highlands are a belt of highlands that occupy Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park's central region. As a 2,000 meter elevation resort, you can enjoy outdoor activities that can't be replicated in other places throughout the year.
Regarding the ski resort, it's an area that has many courses for amateurs to experts. Respective ski resorts are independent, though with a universal lift pass you can sled almost anywhere. Hotels, restaurants and onsen facilities are available when you arrive.
If you are vising these resorts from Nagano, how about using highway buses that are safe and comfortable? There will be no need to drive through unfamiliar roads in a rented car and there won't be the hassle of using complicated trains. After a fun time in Japan's best ski resort, we recommend buses that ensure a safe and comfortable ride home!

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The ski slopes of Karuiwaza Prince Hotel represent Karuiwaza Resort. From the top of its 1,155m elevation you can look down on the townscape of Karuiwaza while enjoying a relaxed cruise. The chance of sunny weathers are high and the after-ski is satisfying. The ski slopes are always in best condition thanks to a snow-maker. A Kids Free Program is also in effect where lift tickets are free for children who are under 13! It has a Snow Park and a Kiddie Land, making it a resort where families can enjoy activities such as snow playing.
When visiting Karuiwaza, we recommend the cheap and comfortable highway bus. You will not get lost due to complicated transfers and you can get to your destination at once.

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Opened in 1961, Naeba Ski Resort is also known for hosting Japan's first Alpine Ski World Cup. High elevation and facing northeast makes it a location blessed with quality snow powder. The ski slopes are rich in changes; its 4km downhill course is also dynamic.
For those with family the theme-park atop snow is fully equipped so you will be able to fully enjoy it! Free lift tickets for children under the age of 6 is also a point of joy!
When going to Naeba instead of Tokyo and Yokohama, we recommend the very convenient bus! As there is no direct route when using Shinkansen, not only is there the hassle of changing to route buses and taxis along the way, but the prices also go up. Why not use the safe and comfortable bus on your way home after spending fun times in the outdoors?

Bound for Naeba
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Day trip/ Lodging Ski tours


Niseko, Sapporo Area Ski resorts etc...


Hokkaido's staple and popular skiing spots!

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Inawashiro, Urabandai Area Ski resorts etc...


An enormous Gellande spreading out wihtin the great outdoors, surrounded by Mt. Bandai and Lake Inawashiro!

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Minakami Ski resorts etc...


Excellent sceneries, natural snow powder and snowfall accumulation!

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Dynaland, Washigatake, Hirugano Kogen, Winghills Shirotori Ski resort etc...


In addition to powder snow, its distinction is its course rich in variation!

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Hakodateyama Ski Resort, BIWAKO VALLEY etc...


Enjoy the exotic vista Japan's largest lake of Biwa while sledding!

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