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From Tokyo to Narita Airport by bus

Perhaps you're at the end of your vacation in Tokyo, and now you need to get to back to Narita Airport. Have you decided yet how to get there?

From central Tokyo, you can take a bus, train or taxi to Narita Airport, but what we recommend is a highway bus! For example, from Tokyo Station you can take highway buses from only 900 yen that will get you directly to Narita Airport in about an hour and a half.

Furthermore, unlike limousine buses, the earliest Tokyo Shuttle departs at 1:30am, with another bus about every 20 minutes throughout the night/morning, so no worries if your plane leaves in the early morning! You can book highway buses in advance, so no need to worry about finding a seat or a taxi on the day itself. Also, it can be quite difficult navigating large luggage through a crowded train; but highway buses have a trunk room for your luggage, so you can travel in peace.

We recommend that you check highway bus seating availability, and book in advance!

If the bus code starts with an X or a Z then you can make a booking from one month in advance. For all other buses, bookings can be made between 1 and 4 months before the intended departure date.
We suggest that you visit our website closer to your desired departure date and make a booking then.

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