If you'd like to see Matsushima, one of the famous "Three Views of Japan", experience "Sendai's Tanabata Festival" (one of the North's largest festivals), or taste the local specialty of thick grilled beef tenderloin; Sendai, the City of Trees, is where you want to be!
To get to Sendai,in Miyagi Prefecture, and its surroundings affordably from Tokyo, why not take a highway/night bus?

We have buses on offer that will get you there for a mere 5th of the price of a Shinkansen ticket!

It takes about 6 hours by highway bus from Tokyo, so if you choose a bus that runs at night, you can sleep while travelling and arrive in Sendai in the morning, saving you one night's worth of accommodation expenses, while arriving fresh for a day full of sightseeing!

If the bus code starts with an X or a Z then you can make a booking from one month in advance. For all other buses, bookings can be made between 1 and 4 months before the intended departure date.
We suggest that you visit our website closer to your desired departure date and make a booking then.

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