Boarding Procedures

Is it possible to board a bus without a reservation?
The seats provided by require that a reservation is made.
If a reservation is not made beforehand, it will not be possible to board the bus.
We request that all reservations are made through our website.
How many minutes before departure time should we arrive at the boarding location?
The bus will depart as scheduled. Please arrive at 10 to 15 minutes before the departure time.
Depending on the bus, there may be other gathering times besides the departure time. In that case please make sure to arrive until the gathering time.
What should I do once I arrive at the boarding location?
This will vary depending on the bus and boarding location.
If there is a designated boarding point please contact a member of staff.
If there is not a designated meeting place then registration may be done by the bus staff, so please wait for the bus to arrive.

Attendants and bus staff will not call out for passengers, so please make sure to confirm your bus by yourself.
On the day of departure, will there be a member of staff at the boarding location?
This will depend on the bus booked and the boarding location.
If a meeting place has been indicated, then there will be a member of staff stationed there.
If there is no meeting point, then it is highly possible that there will be no member of staff present.In this case a member of the bus crew will handle boarding procedures.

Furthermore, the bus driver and or staff, will not check or call out for passengers that have not baorded.
We ask that passengers confirm their own bus.
Can you choose seats on the day of departure? Is it first come first served?
Unfortunately passengers can not choose their own seating.
*This does not apply to the buses with seat selection available.

・Bus code starting from a (X) or a (Z)
Seats are automatically decided at the time of resevation.
Please seat in the seat number displayed in the bus seating plan.

・Other buses
Seats will be allocated after the deadline for reservations has passed.
The seats are decided by the number of people, sex of passengers and other conditons.
Please confirm your seat at the time of boarding.
Can we reserve a parking space?
As we will have to check if its possible for you to reserve a parking space,
we ask that you fill in the respective columns listed below.
And though we are sorry to inconvenience you, we ask that you please contact the customer center of


- Planned Boarding Date:
- Boarding Location:
- Drop-off Location:
- Name of Bus Liner You are using (Bus Company Name):

In case your reservation is already complete,
- Reservation Number (A 10-digit number that begins with 100):

▶✉ Contact Customer Support

Necessary Items

What should we show when we board the bus?
This depends on the bus company.
Refer to the following two points.

1. Buses that have the name [PDF ticket]
Please show them the attachment sent with your confirmation email.

2. For buses other than the above.
Please bring your confirmation email

Show your confirmation email on a mobile or tablet or print out a physical copy.
Is it required to exchange tickets?
There is no need.

Show your confirmation email or the attached PDF ticket on a mobile or tablet or print out a physical copy.
Is a screen shot acceptable for a mobile ticket?
The MOBILE TICKET (PDF) or Mail contains all the necessary information to confirm your right to board the bus, so a screenshot is sufficient.

In order to see the map of the bus loction you will need an internet connection, so please confirm the boarding location before your departure.
Where is the Mobile Ticket?
Once payment has been made the Mobile Ticket will be sent as an email attachment.
It should appear as a clip mark or a PDF mark at the top or bottom of the email.

You will however need software that will allow you to view PDF files.
So please confirm that you can open the file before your departure.
I can not open the PDF file.
Some devices may require a separate application to be able to download and display the PDF file.
If you are still unable to download the file, we kindly request that you contact the customer center of
▶✉ Contact Customer Support
I have completed my reservation,but I am yet to receive a confirmation email.
Confirmation emails are sent to the provided email address automatically once a reservation has been made.
If your mail is not received, please check the below.

1. That there are no mistakes in the email address provided.
Please check the email address you registered with from the "My Page".
If there is a mistake please correct it from the "My Page"
My Page Login

2. Junk Mail settings Mails may be prevented from being received due to junk email settings.

・ There may be a limit to the number of characters allowed to be received. ・ Emails containing URLs
・ Emails containing attachments.

Either turn of your email firewall, or change your settings to allow emails from【】.
▶Firewall settings are blocking emails (NTTdocomo・au・softbank・WILLCOM)

3. The emails are being diverted to your junk email folder.
Emails may be automatically diverted to your junk email folder.
Please check your junk email folder.
▶ Emails are being diverted to the junk email folder (Gmail and Yahoo!)

4. You may have an email address that does not send or receive emails.
There are some emails that are not setup to receive internet emails, so do not operate as expected Example Email addresses with a "." before the @ Email addresses with a long string of symbols or numbers.

In the past it was possible to use this kind of e-mail address, but as a proportion of these email addresses cause errors.
Most phone companies do not allow these email addresses to be used.
We request that you refrain from registering with these types of email address listed above.
▶My email address contains consecutive symbols or lettters(Microsoft・NTTdocomo・au・softbank)
I accidentally deleted the email, but what should I do?
You can resend the email from My Page.
▶My Page Login

Boarding locating(Meeting place)・Alighting location

I have no clue where the boarding location (gathering place) is. What should I do?
You can check the map URL of the boarding location from either your e-mails or your My Page.
▶My Page Login

To see the map of the boarding location, you need to be connected to the internet.
Please check and confirm the location of the boarding location by yourself before you depart.

In case it still does not work as listed above,
please contact Customer Support.
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Can we board or disembark from places such as services areas?
You cannot board or disembark from places other than the ones listed as such.

Please be forewarned.
On the day of departure, can I board from a boarding location that is different from the one in my reservation?
There is a possibilty that buses will not pass through boarding locations if there are no customers reserved to board in the very same location.
In that case, you are required to change beforehand.

Furthermore, since we need to check and confirm if you can change buses at the day of departure, we ask that you please contact the customer center of
▶✉ Contact Customer Support
Are there any convenience stores, bathroom facilities and smoking areas in the vicinity of boarding locations?
It varies on the boarding location.
As there may be boarding locations without convenience stores, bathroom facilities and smoking areas,
please check the boarding locations by yourselves before departing.