General Payment

What are the available methods of payment?
We only accept credit or debit card payments.
Insert your credit or debit details when making a reservation and you can complete payment whilst making your reservation
Depending on how many days before departure you made your booking may already be subject to cancellation charges.

If you are owed a refund due to a reduction in passenger numbers or a cancellation, it will be repaid to the credit or debit card the transaction was made from.
There are no cancellation service charges.
Can I pay by cash directly at the boarding location in the day of departure?
Unofrtunately, you cannot pay by cash directly at the boarding location.
We ask that payments be made via credit cards at the time of booking reservations.
Is tax included in the bus fee?
Yes, all fees include tax.

Credit or Debit Card Payment

I can only choose credit or debit card transactions. Are there any other payment methods available?
Unfortunately, we only accept credit or debit card payments.

On the Japanese site it is possible to request to pay at a convenience store.
However, you can only make these payments at convenience stores in Japan.
These payments must be made within two days of making a reservation.
All guidance regarding this service is all in Japanese, we appreciate your understanding.
What card type can be used when booking by credit or debit card?
The below cards are accepted.
(DC/ VISA / MasterCard / American Express / JCB / Diners Club)

American Express Cards are 4-6-5 digits,
however when inserting the card number you will have to insert them into 4-4-4-3 digits.
Can LINE Pay cards be used?
Unfortunately, we do not accept LINE Pay Cards.
Can the credit card be registered to a different person to the reservation?
A credit or debit card that does not belong to the name on the reservation can be used.
We however ask that you have permission from the cardholder before making a booking.
Is there a notice issued to say the credit or debit card payment has been processed?
There is no notice from the booking center to say the credit or debit card payment has been processed.
Please confirm by checking your credit or debit card statement.
What date will be visible on my credit or debit card statement?
The date the payment will be recorded under will be the date the reservation was made.
Please confirm specific details by checking your credit or debit card statement.


Can receipts be provided?
We can provide these via email.
Please provide us with the following details below.
Please contact the customer center of

・Reservation number:
・Name required on recepit (field must be completed):
 *If there are no requests then insert「Highway bus boarding fee」

In case of reservations for groups of over 2 people,
- You will be issued with a 1 receipt covering the sum cost, or 1 receipt per individual covering 1 individual's costs.

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