The highway bus is convenient for traveling from Osaka to Fukuoka.
It is not only cheaper than the Shinkansen or aeroplane (Approx. ¥5,000 - ¥6,000 One way).
There are also many boarding points in Osaka is convenient including Namba in central Osaka and Universal Studios, etc. There are many boarding points to choose from.
Another plus is that there are also many destinations to choose from.
In central Fukuoka you have JR Hakata and Kogura station located near many hotels and restaurants,and Canal City Hakata with gourmet restaurants and a great shopping location.
You can choose the ideal place to alight based on your travel plans.
It take approximately 8 hours to travel to Fukuoka (exact times will vary by bus). There is plenty of time to sleep during the journey.
You can save yourself the price of a one night stay in a hotel.

If the bus code starts with an X or a Z then you can make a booking from one month in advance. For all other buses, bookings can be made between 1 and 4 months before the intended departure date.
We suggest that you visit our website closer to your desired departure date and make a booking then.

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